You’ve just made a titanic straw man. Mayday PAC goes back to 2014, which was during the Obama presidency. Lessig’s discussions of campaign finance reform go back years before that, including a 2013 TED talk. This has nothing to do with Hillary Clinton and everything to do with a failed system. Clinton would not disavow and distance herself from that system, and opted instead to try to rely on it to get her elected. That is the problem I have with her. It’s the exact same problem I have with Obama and virtually every establishment Democrat and Republican at every level of government and the false choice they represent.

So, please, do not tell me I liked Obama but don’t like Clinton. I didn’t vote for Obama, either. Don’t tell me this is a new issue raised specifically to beat up on Clinton. I am not a registered Democrat because I do not believe in the Democratic Party. Clinton, to me, was just another cog in an elaborate network of Democratic cogs that serve our oligarch establishment.

It’s also highly misogynistic of you to imply that legitimate grievances against Clinton are somehow rooted in misogyny. Why? Because it ignores that a lot of people who didn’t vote for Clinton specifically because of these grievances voted for Jill Stein. It also ignores that so many women who voiced their support of Sanders during the primary were relegated to Bernie Bro status. This was a systematic effort to erase the voices of individual women for the benefit of a political candidate. Did you know, for instance, that it was a woman of color who created the #FeelTheBern hashtag? Do you think she was pro-Bernie because she hates women? Or, perhaps you think Tulsi Gabbard risked her entire political career to back Bernie because she hates women so much? When you see a picture of a star-struck Susan Sarandon watching Bernie, do you think to yourself, “Now there’s a misogynist.” GTFO of here with that noise.

The issue is whether the Democratic Party wants my vote. It 100% is never going to a Republican, that’s for sure. If the Democrats want my vote, and the votes of millions of people like me, they’re going to have to stop being corrupt and actually start legislating on behalf of The People, not the elite.

Let’s get back to your one salient question:

And the question then becomes, “Why, I wonder, is this one different? Why is this candidate a bridge too far?”

The reason is we know and the information is out there. Thanks to sites like Open Secrets, which only become more robust and informative with time, we know what is going on. Thanks to people like Professor Lessig, we know. Thanks to the speed with which a tweet can reach us all, we know. Thanks to how virtually anyone can bypass gatekeepers and spread information on sites like YouTube and Medium, we know.

We always suspected there was corruption, and instances of it periodically came to light, but now we can see clearly and constantly how widespread it is, and we can see the links that wind through special interests, media outlets, multinational corporations, and elected officials. We know exactly how and why our government serves the interests of the oligarchy, not The People, and we understand very well that those reasons are encapsulated in every dollar that moves from a corporation like Goldman Sachs to a politician like Hillary Clinton.

Not everyone in America is a low-information voter. A great many Americans are capable of getting information and then using it to form rational opinions. That is what happened. I showed you the cold, hard facts. Those are the same facts that convinced some people not to vote for Hillary Clinton. Don’t get me wrong; Clinton still won the popular vote, but she apparently wasn’t popular enough, and a lot of that is undoubtedly attributable to her coziness with the oligarch power structure.

Just the facts: Writer. Gamer. Feminist. Educated in Astrophysics. Professional Gambler. Student of Language. Satanist. Anarchist. He/Him.

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