While common sense individuals recognize that we have a dire need to change the direction of the country from an oligarchy and return it to a Democracy, radical socialism is not the answer. The same people also realize that we exist in a political tightrope condition that is based on ‘money’. Sanders was given full credit in 2016 for altering the view of how an election can be fought through his individual donations (often around $27), but this is a slippery slope. When you are facing the Republicans that have the backing of such mega-donors as the Koch Brothers, et al, depending upon these donations is not realistic, no matter how much we want to hope that they are.

Why is money in quotes? Why do you argue that we need to move away from oligarchy, but also name drop the Koch Brothers to scare people into believing that big money from oligarchs is still needed? Do you really think oligarchs are going to fund the end of oligarchy? Is Goldman Sachs going to fund a candidate to create some regulations that limit its ability to pilfer from the American public? Is this what ‘common sense individuals’ think?

I think Democratic politicians aren’t going to continue to get votes until they wake up to the reality that they cannot win if they keep taking corporate money. That game is over, and your ‘common sense’ beliefs are anachronistic. If politicians want to enrich themselves with corporate funds at the expense of the voting public, they should be Republicans. That strategy works there, but the abysmal losses suffered by the Democratic Party in 2016 — not only losing to what was probably the worst presidential candidate in history, but also losing in the House, the Senate, and at the state and local level all over America — should be a wake up call. The old paradigms don’t work. Corporatism does not work in the Democratic Party anymore.

The thing is, operatives don’t care, because the public good and winning elections are a distant second to the size of the DNC coffers and upholding the corporate agenda. You brag about being in the boardroom, how you have this great intellect, how you have international prestige, and how you negotiate and make deals to launch your products so that people ‘win’ (sound familiar?), but that only makes me think you are disconnected to the everyday realities faced by most Americans, people who have never been in a boardroom, who don’t launch products, and who would just enjoy simply not getting absolutely trampled by the elite for once in their lives. But, here you are telling them their $27 donations are worthless, and that they should entrust their well-being to billionaires who can fund candidates against other billionaires. No thanks. I will never vote for anyone who takes one thin dime from a corporation or an oligarch, and I’m not alone. If you want my vote, come and get it; don’t ask me to accept your bullshit neoliberal conditions.

Just the facts: Writer. Gamer. Feminist. Educated in Astrophysics. Professional Gambler. Student of Language. Satanist. Anarchist.

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