You’ve noticed that corruption isnt the problem with the Republican party right now, right?

Were it not for the corrupt process, the voters wouldn’t have been presented with a menu of unlikeable stooges, religious extremists, and crooks.

Consider the absurdity of Trump winning the Latino vote among Republican caucus-goers in Nevada, or that Trump polls around 14% nationwide among Latino voters. These voters are not racist against themselves. They are not unaware of all the bigoted stuff that Trump has said. You cannot write them all off as “crazy.” You cannot lump them in with the xenophobic white power bigot brigade that Trump has energized just because they voted for the same guy in the primaries.

Many of them voted for Trump because they are tired of the corruption in their party and, for some reason, see a vote for Trump as a vote to upset the balance of the corrupt system (it isn’t, but that’s how he is perceived). Trump wouldn’t have a shot of getting their vote against a candidate who actually represented the Republican voters, as opposed to the Republican special interests. But, there were none of those on the ballot this time around (not even Rand Paul), and, with a scant few exceptions (maybe Ron Paul), there haven’t been for decades.

The voters are completely responsible. As a matter of fact, I would suggest that the voters are almost always responsible. Special interests can sell, but they can’t prevent research, nor can they force you to buy.

Special interests limit the choices we are given. The Constitution requires that there be a president. This is analogous to throwing a party and being required to buy beverages for the guests. You go to the stores in your neighborhood and all they have is Pepsi or Coke. What’s your choice? Are you even making a choice?

People don’t have to buy into what the kochs, the NRA, or whoever the boogeyman of the day is saying. They choose to, and that is the problem we need to be calling out. Otherwise, people will keep electing whoever is best at playing biases (Trump).

I agree to some extent. By voting for a Republican or Democrat, you are choosing to perpetuate this system. We don’t have to buy the corrupt, malevolent candidates the special interests deliver us, but we keep doing it. That is the power of propaganda, and to think people working full-time jobs (sometimes more than one), with their own lives, their own struggles, and a shrinking budget of spare time to devote to getting informed about politics are fully empowered to discern fact from fiction in a sea of engineered disinformation is, itself, a fiction. There are candidates besides Trump and Clinton in this race, but they poll woefully low, even though there are strong arguments to indicate they would better represent ordinary citizens. Why is that? We will never be given a diversity of candidates from which to choose if we don’t stop voting for the same two parties, because the same two parties keep presenting us with the same illusory choices.

Just the facts: Writer. Gamer. Feminist. Educated in Astrophysics. Professional Gambler. Student of Language. Satanist. Anarchist.

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