Unfortunately, truth isn’t what people want. They might say they do, but actions point to the contrary. Confirmation bias is an impressive driving force. People, from vanlife devotees to liberal friends in my newsfeed, want someone with a platform to portray them as correct, without challenge or reproach.

Wait, aren’t you guilty of the same confirmation bias by throwing vanlifers under the bus for no apparent reason?

“The writer lived with us for 8 days. She selected moments from only the first 3 days to paint her picture.


Omitted was soaking in hot springs. Omitted was days surfing. Omitted was breaking down in a national forest. Omitted was sharing ideas and beers with the GoWesty crew. Omitted was essentially why we love life and why we live in a van.


I was confused. Why was mainstream media hyper focusing on money and influencer marketing? And why the friction? Why do you think this mainstream cultural criticism outlet chose what they chose?”

You go on about truth and all, but are the above statements by King true or not? Did the reporter live with them for 8 days? Did the reporter omit all the things King said were omitted? Was King somehow lying by asking her followers “why do you think”? Is King being dishonest in her opinion about the reporter? If you look at her Instagram, she’s not trying to hide that she is #sponsored; the hashtag is right there where it is supposed to be when her photos contain items from her sponsors. I’m not sure why you’re taking her to task for being untruthful when she doesn’t appear to be making false statements or trying to deceive people about her lifestyle.

Anyway, to your larger point, whether people want truth or not is irrelevant to the mainstream media’s behavior. Mainstream media is entertainment. People like Megyn Kelly are entertainers, and they are paid like movie stars. The Washington Post is not in the journalism business; it is in the Jeff Bezos propaganda business. Just because something is labeled media does not make it journalism; I think it’s important we stop decrying these people for their poor journalistic standards when they aren’t even journalists. Getting mad at entertainers for bad journalism is like getting mad at a sportscaster for not delivering a weather report. If we just call things what they are, then we know what to expect, and we won’t feel let down when Wolf Blitzer tells us something besides the truth. He is not paid to tell us the truth.

Just the facts: Writer. Gamer. Feminist. Educated in Astrophysics. Professional Gambler. Student of Language. Satanist. Anarchist. He/Him.

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