However, it’s possible working class prospects improve, in which case Democrats will have a tough time winning them back. The economy has been trending up for the last few years. And if Trump fulfills his promise of a trillion dollar infrastructure package, it’ll double as an FDR-style make-work program for blue collar Americans.

Unlikely. Even a trillion bucks isn’t going to stem the flow of jobs from humans to robots. Yeah, maybe some new roads will get built, but it will be automated vehicles driving on them. When the people out building the roads get hungry, they’ll be eating at automated restaurants on their breaks. Millions of jobs are going to vanish during Trump’s first term, and it will have nothing to do with Trump.

Regarding the rest of your article, you’re mostly on point, though you glossed over something important:

Hillary Haters
This helps explain Obama-Trump voters and Democrats who stayed home or voted 3rd party. But it’s a cinch to address — don’t nominate Hillary Clinton in 2020. And upcoming state and Congressional elections won’t have any presidential candidate on the ballot (except, indirectly, Donald Trump).

It’s not just Clinton, but the entire establishment she represents. Establishment politics — neoliberalism, in the case of the Democratic Party — is what these voters hate. Hillary Clinton was merely the establishment politician du jour.

But, yes, this notion you’re going to win over Trump voters in droves with a change in messaging or tone is naive. The 2016 election made it crystal clear how virtually every faction within the Republican Party will abandon their stated principles and vote for whoever the Republican is.

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