Literal dogs — animals that boot on your carpet and promptly eat it — are better at endearing people to their cause than democrats.

To be fair, dogs have a strong claim at being better at endearing themselves to us than any other known entity, human or otherwise. I think it’s an impossible task to hope that Democrats will ever overtake them.

Those haggard, blessed souls will tell you that educating people is perhaps the hardest endeavour ever to be undertaken and educating people who don’t care to learn is about as fruitful as fucking a bowl of soup. People do not like being taught. They do not like reading. They do not like thinking critically. They like to fart in freedom and watch Netflix until their heart gives out and they leave the earth having done as little as humanly possible to try at anything, ever.

Netflix is education. Professional sports are education. It is also propaganda, because all art, all writing, and all entertainment are political. Every product of the human imagination is political.

This is why things like the Bechdel Test are important, or discussions about ending the whitewashing in Hollywood movies are important. It’s why it’s important to not stop demanding that the NFL require teams with wildy inappropriate mascots to change them. There is no excuse for a racial slur to be allowed in a professional sports league as a team name, but here we are with Washington riding out a hateful name in 2016.

When Democrats say people need to get educated about this or that, they should, instead of speaking patronizingly to huge groups of people, stop allowing immense institutions with huge cultural sway to normalize the white supremacy and capitalist hegemony that saturate the media landscape, unchecked. If you want an educated populace, quit supporting institutions such as Hollywood or the NFL by giving them tax incentives or accepting their campaign contributions and giving them influence. Quit quietly sitting on the sidelines while the consent for a great many injustices is manufactured by media, be it journalism, entertainment, art, games, or anything else.

Speak out against offensive NFL team names. Speak out against the whitewashing and misogyny that is all but ubiquitous in the movies and shows the ostensibly uncritical, non-reading public consumes on Netflix. Recognize that education is about more than schools and books. These things can make a difference to a public whose perceptions of reality are shaped by these forces. It’s less about direct influence through manipulation or argument and more about changing the conversation.

Just the facts: Writer. Gamer. Feminist. Educated in Astrophysics. Professional Gambler. Student of Language. Satanist. Anarchist.

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