This piece is a lot of rumor-mongering. There is not one mention of the issues the Democratic Party needs to put at the forefront of its platform, just a lot of talk about this or that person and how they get along, or what who said about whom. Is this high school or the United States Congress we’re talking about?

It doesn’t matter if Bernie and Tom are BFFs or what one politician said about another politician. The question to ask is, what are any of them doing to make the country better? What are any of them doing to help everyday citizens? Are they going to get us single-payer healthcare? Are they going to make tuition free at public universities? Are they going to elevate the minimum wage (I’m thinking $20 in ’20 is a winning campaign for any Democrat…)? Are they going to stop taking corporate money? Are they going to stop the climate apocalypse? Are they going to stop our government from squandering trillions of dollars in immoral wars that serve only to further enrich war profiteers? Are they going to end private prisons? Are they going to acknowledge that The Rent is Too Damn High?

There will be no unity until the Democratic Party has a coherent message that actually appeals to voters. There will be no unity until Democratic politicians stop representing their donors and start representing their voters.

But, if you insist on talking about politicians, let’s talk about politicians. Barney Frank’s number one campaign contributor is Goldman Sachs. Barney Frank gets 83% of his PAC funding from business and only 11% from labor. Maxine Waters gets 79% of her funding from business and only 20% from labor. Her two biggest sectors of support are insurance and real estate. John Lewis receives 71% of his money from business and only 26% from labor. His largest single contributor, DaVita Healthcare Partners, gave $429,708 to Democrats and $485,435 to Republicans last cycle. Kamala Harris’s top contributor? None other than Time Warner.

If you think any of these people are out there representing you or me, you might be right… if you work for Goldman Sachs. Otherwise, good luck with that. If you want Tom Perez to succeed, and if you want the Democratic Party to be relevant again, you should focus your efforts on trying to convince them to create a platform that isn’t a pile of garbage, and supply principled candidates who aren’t bought by corporations and oligarchs.

Just the facts: Writer. Gamer. Feminist. Educated in Astrophysics. Professional Gambler. Student of Language. Satanist. Anarchist. He/Him.

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