Cornel West is an “Ivory Tower” academic and sometime blowhard who doesn’t ‘represent’ anybody but himself.

This is what I actually said:

Cornel West lends his voice to the voiceless all over the world, from the Middle-East to South America, and right back home to black Americans.

One of West’s biggest criticisms of Obama has been Obama’s drone program. Do you really think West is only voicing his own interests in criticizing drone violence, or do you think the thousands of families in the Middle-East whose innocent relatives and friends were ‘collateral damage’ in drone and air strikes might appreciate an American academic with the ability to be heard by liberal Obama supporters speaking on this matter?

You can bash West all you want, but I agree with him in his criticism of American imperialism and state violence under Obama. If labeling him a Drone President is what it takes to bring the thousands of deaths of innocents abroad into the public discussion, so be it. Do you think he is just being a blowhard and should shut up about drones? Do innocent civilians in Yemen and Iraq who have no voice in American media not deserve justice?

Beneath the Spin: The Reason why Black People Hate Tavis & Cornel

Here’s the problem with this article which is, itself, just more spin:

The reason we become angry every time they criticize Obama is because Tavis and West are arrogant, petty, self-serving, condescending, and disrespectful, and those flawed character traits come to the forefront whenever the subject of President Obama comes up. In addition, they’re criticisms never come coupled with constructive solutions, so it’s obvious to the Black community that they’re not actually interested in the issues; they’re merely USING the issues as a pretext to attack the man — and Cornel’s repeated racial slanders clearly validates that perception.

West’s solution to the drone problem is to quit using drones to murder people. That’s the actual truth beneath the spin. However, this author would rather name-call and invent complete bullshit saying West doesn’t offer any solutions to problems. The American government should stop murdering people with drones! How is this hard to understand?

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