This has nothing to do with drugs. It has everything to do with white supremacy. In any system where injustice permeates the legal enforcement apparatus, every law on the books can and will be used as weapons of injustice. Injustice can manifest in the enforcement of anything from drug laws to jaywalking laws. Every law is an instrument of injustice, because every law was created and is enforced in the context of an unequal system.

They will insist that “This is about class, not race!” ® as a defensive strategy to avoid implication for the part they play in white supremacy and claim victimhood through class status. What that analysis always ignores is that white supremacy is a tangible, demonstrable benefit even for the poorest of white people. Within classism there is racism.

Anyone who makes this defense is, indeed, attempting to create a false dichotomy. This is not just a class issue, just a race issue, just a gender issue, just a sexual orientation issue, just a religious issue, or anything else. It’s all of them. These are the many heads of the hydra of injustice, and when you cut off one, two more appear. The hydra cannot be defeated one head at a time; it must be recognized for what it is and faced in its entirety. Every new law, every new member of Congress, every new prison, and every new assault weapon in the hands of the police feed this insatiable beast, and will continue to do so as long as injustice is an inherent part of our legal system.

Now, of course, the way white drug users and white drug addiction are being treated is how all drug users/addictions should be treated. I have to say that outright because there will be people who will purposely misinterpret what I’m saying and intentionally derail this discussion on that particular point in order to deflect/deny/ignore/minimize the inherent racism and white supremacy I’m analyzing. That addiction is a health crisis not a criminal crisis goes without saying.

It’s time we get rid of those drug laws. All of them. They do us no service. They create no social good. They exist only as weapons of injustice. Legalize all drugs, and let us put this sad episode of unempathetic subjugation behind us. Let adult human beings be in control of their own bodies, including what they do or do not want to put in them.

Just the facts: Writer. Gamer. Feminist. Educated in Astrophysics. Professional Gambler. Student of Language. Satanist. Anarchist.

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