There is literally a link to a study on the dangers of Roundup in the article I cited. What’s more, glyphosphate isn’t the only chemical in Roundup, and it isn’t the only chemical in Roundup that is under fire for potentially being dangerous to humans.

I can see you are biased to the point of rejecting common sense. Herbicides are designed to kill living organisms. They are, by definition, toxins. They work. The evidence about whether they are harmful to human beings will be decided in court, at last, after decades of obstruction.

And, again, this lawsuit has nothing to do with GMOs. It is entirely about whether poisons designed to kill plants, as well as other chemicals present in Roundup, are also harmful to people. It doen’t even address the other collateral damage done to non-human elements of the ecosystem by Roundup, but that will have to await a different day in court.

Bringing GMOs into it a giant distraction tactic, and you’re 100% being intellectually dishonest. If you are such a Roundup fan, that’s what your article should have been about, instead of you hiding behind GMOs and making a mention of “Monsanto’s product” like nobody was going to see through that obvious attempt at misdirection.

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