That only leaves two other options. Either don’t vote at all and abstain, or vote for Hillary.

There are other candidates in this race.

If you abstain, that means each vote in favor of Trump counts more. Sure you can choose to not participate if you feel nobody holds the virtues of the American Presidency. But what it really means is that you’re voting for Trump.

No. It means you’re not voting.

You might like Hillary or you might not. You might agree with some of her policies or you might not. You might consider the fact that 51% of the American (and global, for that matter) population is female and think that it’s finally time we get a voice in there that represents the majority of our citizens. You might have issue with emails, or you might not.

There’s even another woman in the race besides Clinton.

But if you don’t vote for Hillary or you don’t vote at all, you’re actually voting for Trump. That’s a pretty easy Product Management decision.

Except that this is a logically unsound argument.

Here’s the point you seem to miss. The title of your article is a dig at the entire election process and the vapidity of the debates. You spend the first part of your article lamenting what a ridiculous train wreck this all is and how bad the major party candidates are. Do you think this will ever change if you keep voting for major party candidates? I think you’re being pretty naive if you really believe that. It got to where it is today because the major parties have been steering the boat — right into an iceberg.

Do you think it will somehow magically get better in the future? This is the worst election ever, right? Do you think if Clinton wins that she’ll be so much better than Obama that the country will magically pick itself up out of the dumpster and supply us with totally awesome candidates the next time around? Or is it just going to keep getting worse? Trump would be worse than Bush, right? But, Bush was arguably the worst of all-time. What can we expect next!? Will we literally be voting for the Apophis asteroid to be our president and smash into Earth, destroying human civilization?

What if Trump hadn’t even run? It would be Clinton against Cruz. I imagine you would still be voting for Clinton. But, is Trump really any worse than Cruz? Are any of these people anything but reprehensible sociopaths who are bleeding the American people dry and laughing all the way to the bank? Are the major parties really anything but income redistribution engines that move money from the middle-class to the wealthy? How rich are the Clintons now compared to when they first got into office? How rich are the Obamas? How rich are the Bushes? How rich is Al Gore? How can you really believe they aren’t exploiting their elected positions for personal gains? What are any of these people doing for you?

We’re being asked to choose between a puddle of toxic sludge and a carton of nuclear waste in this election, but has it been very different in the past, and do you really think if the choice were between Clinton and Cruz that it would be any different in this election? Do you have any rational basis for believing it will ever change if we keep accepting this preposterous choice and the circus-like elections and vapid, pandering reality-show debates that come with them?

Because that’s what you’re really voting for. Your vote says, “I’m scared enough of Trump that I’m going to surrender my vote yet again to another corrupt politician whom I see as a lesser evil and continue to perpetuate this corrupt system.” I’m not that scared of Trump, personally, and I think the real fight is the one where we recover our democracy from the two-party stranglehold that brought us our corrupt and unsustainable government, and that has now culminated in this unmitigated disaster of an election in 2016. This fight is never won if we keep giving into the fear tactics each party uses to convince its constituents to vote for its pile of garbage because the other party’s pile of garbage is so much worse. I’m not buying it. Trump is awful, but the two-party system is worse.

Unless either party can produce a candidate I can unequivocally endorse, I won’t be voting for anyone they run in any election at any level. That’s on them, not me.

Just the facts: Writer. Gamer. Feminist. Educated in Astrophysics. Professional Gambler. Student of Language. Satanist. Anarchist.

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