But shit, I don’t care about what is coming out of Hollywood right now. I don’t care about what social media influencers are sharing right now. I don’t care about what music hit the Top 40 this week (to be honest, I never do.) I don’t care about writing anything that doesn’t add to the fight.

The whitewashing in Hollywood and, more broadly, in the entire entertainment industry in America is part of the problem. When you reinforce tired stereotypes and erase people of color, it creates a populace that expects every story worth telling to be the story of a white person. It creates a society that is used to the erasure of people of color, in effect normalizing fascism. Remember: Art Imitates Life Imitates Art.

Representation matters. Even if top 40 music or Hollywod movies don’t register with you personally, it doesn’t make these facets of life unimportant. They represent a battleground in the fight. Trump didn’t emerge out of nowhere. He emerged out of a society that was primed for his arrival. Primed by the news media, primed by Hollywood, primed by pillaging bankers run amok, and primed by our corrupt political system, among others. He and his white supremacist cronies emerged out of a society steeped in white supremacy.

Sometimes you have to step away and get a wide view to see how this works. Take, for instance, this video, by Asian Boss at YouTube, who interviews Korean people on the streets in Korea about what Koreans think of black people. South Korea is 96% ethnically Korean. The largest non-Korean subgroup, by far, is Chinese. Almost everyone in Korea is Asian. A typical Korean who lives and dies in Korea may rarely or never encounter a single black person. Guess where they get their ideas about black people? From the disseminated media of white people.

I think if you care about The Fight, you have to care about what is coming out of Hollywood. It’s all related.

Just the facts: Writer. Gamer. Feminist. Educated in Astrophysics. Professional Gambler. Student of Language. Satanist. Anarchist.

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