The Washingon Post is media, but it is not journalism. It has no integrity, and is not in the business of truth and facts. People should be as shocked about WaPo not disclosing conflicts of interest as they are when The Blaze or Infowars don’t disclose conflicts of interest. All three are propaganda, not journalism.

If you are awake to how Fox News is propaganda, but not to how the likes of CNN, MSNBC, or WaPo are also propaganda, then you are being tribalistic, not reasonable or objective. If you want to be right and base your world view on facts and reason, you should really try to abandon tribalism and embrace objectivity. If more people can do that, these shilling propaganda outfits on all sides of the political arena will wither and die.

Just the facts: Writer. Gamer. Feminist. Educated in Astrophysics. Professional Gambler. Student of Language. Satanist. Anarchist.

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