People with elite educations end up running the very same media and cultural institutions that feed the right lies and keep them ignorant. Ben Shapiro went to Harvard Law. How is his ability to articulate his ideas working out for the country? Should we be worried that there aren’t more Ben Shapiros poised to weather the supposedly left-leaning Ivy League because they’re afraid of higher education? Should we dumb down higher education to make it more appealing to people who ultimately want to spread ignorance? Should we welcome ideas like eugenics and flat Earth theory to college campuses, or insist students and faculty give weight to the notion that natural disasters arise from how God hates homosexuals?

Because this is what we’re really talking about here: the inclusion of moronic ideas in the halls of higher learning. It’s bad enough we have to fight the corrupting influence of corporatism on college campuses, but now we need to include wanton anti-intellectualism?

Ben Shapiro is not some sort of isolated case, either. Dick Cheney, perhaps the greatest villain of the 21st century, went to Yale. Anne Coulter went to Cornell. Bill O’Reilly got a masters degree at Harvard. Steve Bannon got an MBA at Harvard. Ben Carson went to Yale. David and Charles Koch went to MIT. Richard Spencer got a masters degree from the University of Chicago and also attended Duke University. The list goes on and on. A huge number of people in the halls of power and in the media on both the right and left went to these and other elite institutions. Not Alex Jones, though. But, if right-wing whiners get their way and higher education abandons what principles and standards it has left, perhaps the Alex Joneses of the future will. Won’t it be great to have an even more effective means of communicating the dangers of contrails to everyone?

If anything, seeing as how so many people with backwards, anti-scientific, illogical, completely false beliefs went to elite universities and somehow managed to pass, it tells me that higher education needs to become even less tolerant of bad ideas, not more tolerant. Campuses need not host anyone with provably false ideas just because they cry and cry about free speech, and higher education should not cater to butt-hurt right-wing snowflakes who cannot handle it when their fragile world view dissolves before their eyes.

Of course, we also know that this entire discussion is a fabrication designed to distract people from how our elite institutions are actually subservient to our corrupt oligarchy:

Chelsea Manning has revealed where these vaunted elite institutions really stand. They stand at the feet of the corrupt and powerful, bowing to the CIA and the establishment that enriches their already egregious $35 billion endowment. The CIA is as authoritarian and right-wing as it gets, but we somehow need to carve out even more space for future authoritarians on these campuses? I don’t buy it, and I don’t even acknowledge this as a remotely legitimate argument. It’s a giant distraction perpetrated by a right-wing power structure that only uses knowledge as a means of controlling and abusing their ignorant sycophants.

As more people wake up to what’s really going on, you will see the left becoming increasingly skeptical of higher education, too.

Just the facts: Writer. Gamer. Feminist. Educated in Astrophysics. Professional Gambler. Student of Language. Satanist. Anarchist. He/Him.

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