The Republican Party has a great history, and is an institution worth saving, and this is why I’m writing to you today.


Perhaps though, i’m missing the point in all of this- the Republican Party is where it is because of it’s people. You pushed Mitt Romney to an unelectable right-wing set of positions and cost him the 2012 race. Now in 2016, you just nominated a true bigot. I can’t get into your heads, but for as much as I like you guys, you are making these choices of your own free will. You got Bush, but he wasn’t far enough for you, so then you tried Palin and you failed. Once you got that taste of her anger and vitriol, you just couldn’t stop there, and here we are- with Donald Trump. I hate to tell you this, but this is wrong. This has to stop.

It’s naive to think the individual voters in the Republican Party are at fault for the billions of dollars the media and special interests spend to manipulate their party and reframe political discourse in America. It’s naive to think that voters are to blame for a corrupt system that delivers them a bevy of horrible candidates year after year. It’s naive to blame Republican voters for the excessive influence the evangelical religious right has been given in the party since the Reagan administration.

Much as 50% of Democrats are only voting for Clinton because they can’t stand the thought of a Trump presidency, 55% of Republicans are only voting for Trump because they can’t stand the idea of a Clinton presidency. They don’t particularly want this candidate, but it is who they are stuck with. But, isn’t that always the way? Do you think some guy on the street tapped Bush or Romney to run for president, or picked Sarah Palin as a vice presidential candidate, or do you think it was the crooked system of campaign finance (to be fair, the same system that brought the Democrats both Clintons and Obama) that selected the people among whom the voters could choose? Just follow the money.

It’s true that Trump is a bigot and entirely unfit to be president, but it is not that hard to discern why the Republican Party voted for him in the primary. Just look at what a bunch of hacks and stooges all his opponents were. Would you really rather have Ted Cruz or Jeb Bush be presidential candidates in the general election? They’re not any better. The Republicans voted for Trump because they chose the “nuclear option” regarding Washington corruption. They were duped by a huckster that he would be the guy to go in and shake things up, even though he’s just as corrupt. At some point they — and the Democratic Party voters, too — will realize that we will never eliminate the corruption in Washington by continuing to vote for either major party. This has to stop.

Just the facts: Writer. Gamer. Feminist. Educated in Astrophysics. Professional Gambler. Student of Language. Satanist. Anarchist. He/Him.

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