My point still stands. The oligarchy is a tiny fraction of society with terrible ideas. Your argument that the smallness and stupidity of white nationalists will protect us from them, then, is clearly not self-evident. The oligarchy is a much smaller group, yet it exercises enormous control over the social order. There were more white nationalists in Charlottesville than there are oligarchs in the entire United States.

It just so happens that white supremacy is the fountainhead of most, if not all, of the oligarchy’s terrible ideas, and every tiki-torch nazi rallying for every Confederate statue is just another component of deep state domination. Today’s swastika held aloft in America is tomorrow’s bomb dropped somewhere in the world.

My point is that this is white supremacy, and it is the deep state. It is the patriarchy. It is war and oppression. You may concern yourself over the definition of an ethnostate or where the lines of white nationalism are drawn, but I am saying it makes no sense to call the deep state “infinitely worse” than white supremacists running people over in the streets, precisely because they are the same thing.

The entire story of post-colonial American history, from Jamestown, to the Revolutionary War, to Manifest Destiny, to slavery, to the Civil War, to Vietnam, to Iraq, to police violence, to NSA domestic surveillance, to the 2016 election and everything in between is the story of white supremacy. White supremacy prohibited the best possible outcome in all those cases. White supremacy is the foundation of white nationalism and lies at the heart of every vile act of the deep state. Does it really matter if we cannot unequivocally call the deep state an ethnostate? I don’t think so.

I do not think America can move forward in a meaningful way until Americans can understand and fight against this. A climate apocalypse or nuclear war may seem infinitely worse than white supremacy, but I believe they are inevitable consequences of white supremacy. I can’t discern a way to fight one at a time or say one is worse while downplaying another and hope to get anywhere. Besides, what do the murdered have to say about our future cataclysms?

Injustice has many names and many faces, but the struggle is against one thing; the enemy is always the same.

Just the facts: Writer. Gamer. Feminist. Educated in Astrophysics. Professional Gambler. Student of Language. Satanist. Anarchist.

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