So my first suggestion to flummoxed science journalists is: read history.

Maybe the first suggestion should be to learn science. Know something about what you’re reporting on. Global warming is easy to understand. Yet you’re here calling it climate change, falling into the trap created by proponents of disinformation about global warming. Just learn how it works and explain how it works. The narratives and stories surrounding global warming cannot take precedence over the science itself; everyone can learn the science, and when they do, they won’t be swayed by disinformation. Learn the science and share the science. Don’t just tell stories or appeal to scientific consensus.

I disagree. The things we are discussing today at this meeting — democracy, science, and journalism — are three valuable institutions that have made life in this country far better than it would be without them. They are worth defending, and worth keeping free of corruption.

Democracy has done its job: most people in the United States agree that global warming is real and people are causing it. Science has done its job: scientists have identified causes of and solutions to global warming. Has a media compromised by the interests of the billionaire class done its job? I’m not so sure about that. You could start by calling it global warming if you want to take a serious stand against corruption. You could then go on to expose the corrupt links between corporations (such as the one you work for) and elected officials that collude to counteract the will of the people.

That takes us back to your first point:

So my first suggestion to flummoxed science journalists is: read history.

It’s easy to take potshots at the clown president currently in office, the overtly incompetent department personnel this administration has installed, or the naked corruption among the GOP in general. But, these guys didn’t invent government corruption, and they aren’t the only ones taking corporate money. You, yourself, are working for a plutocrat-owned media conglomerate whose owners and managers lobby government officials to enact their status quo agenda, that also runs “human interest” stories about Nazi sympathizers, and that also hires climate deniers like Bret Stephens.

Instead of advising up-and-coming journalists on how to think about science journalism, maybe demonstrate putting principle into practice and start taking out the trash on your own company.

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