You lost credibility right from the get-go by calling Clinton a neoliberal.

LOL. She was pro-TPP. She supported NAFTA in the ’90s. She is pro-outsourcing of American jobs. She is anti-Glass-Steagall. She was (is?) pro-Keystone. She accepts large amounts of money from banks and from the private prison industry. She voted to go to war in Iraq.

These are all defining characteristics of neoliberalism. She is a texbook neoliberal. You may as well just put her picture in the dictionary entry for neoliberalism. So is her entire family. But here’s the problem:

I encourage you to research her actual policy proposals.

I completely do not trust her to follow through on any policy proposals. She is a politician in the mold of Cicero from over 2,000 years ago in Rome: promise everything to everybody. This is not a new tactic, and it’s remarkable that people still believe someone like Hillary Clinton when she says she will do X or Y. She failed to deliver on a number of her campaign promises as a Senator, and her positions have always changed with the wind. Researching policy proposals is worthless, especially from her own website (what, do you work for her campaign?); I prefer to research facts instead. You know, on sites that start with Wiki-, be it leaks or pedia. The best way to predict what she will actually do is to find out who is paying her, and how much.

This is an inevitability when dealing with unprincipled people. With the rare principled candidates, at least you know where they stand and what types of policies they will enact. In this, Clinton and Trump are no different. Neither is principled. Trump is sheer egomaniacal chaos and Clinton is sheer influence-peddling. Neither has my interests in mind. Neither will get my vote.

Basically, quit trolling.

Just the facts: Writer. Gamer. Feminist. Educated in Astrophysics. Professional Gambler. Student of Language. Satanist. Anarchist.

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