How can Liberalism adapt this post-humanist politics and retain its humanity? Can it afford to fight fire with fire, or will it lose itself in this process? Or does it need to find a way to reaffirm the ideal of the dignified, coherent subject, flawed though it might be? What would that look like, know what we know now?

Liberalism wasn’t in this fight at all. Neoliberalism was. The left was left out of the discussion entirely. For every fact-denying right-winger, there are two or more fact-understanding normal people in this country. There was no candidate in the general election that could convince all of them to come out and vote, precisely because they understand facts, and, specifically, they understood the simple fact no candidate with a remote chance to win represented them, so it wasn’t worth their time to go vote.

In fact, pieces like yours are just another example of behavioral politics in action. Trump was the anchor. Next to him, Clinton seemed liberal. But, she’s not. She’s a corporatist beholden to billions of dollars worth of Super PAC donations, the DNC was corrupt, and all of that has been exposed. No behavioral programming is needed if the left produces a candidate that actually represents the left. The progressive left saw through all of the lies. They understood that Trump was terrible and that Clinton was terrible. They understood they had no choice in this election.

If everyone else on the left can wake up, no lies will be needed. No corporate money will be needed. Part of the complicity lies in the media. Instead of talking about Competent Hillary or Progressive Hillary or any other one-dimensional projection of your anti-Trump fears that you feel will best coronate The Chosen One Hillary, just talk about the facts.

Throughout this entire election, the mainstream media served as one huge opinion page editorial, not as journalists trying to bring truth to light. That may work with Fox News and the American right, but it is clearly not a winning strategy on the left, because people on the left are anti-authoritarian and do not respond to the left-wing equivalent of a yelling Bill O’Reilly making counterfactual declarations of what is and is not true. O’Reilly works on the right because of who the right is. Given that the left is so much bigger than the right (look at Obama’s numbers in the 2008 election), what Fox and the right do will be irrelevant if the left can get its shit together.

Just the facts: Writer. Gamer. Feminist. Educated in Astrophysics. Professional Gambler. Student of Language. Satanist. Anarchist.

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