90% unity is going to have to be good enough. The 1 in 10 who refused to vote for the most qualified candidate in U.S. history are a cancer on the party that needs to be cut out. THAT’S how we heal.

It’s unscientific to think that 90% is good enough when it wasn’t good enough against the worst candidate ever. It’s also wishful thinking when you consider the following:

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The younger the demographic, the more pro-Bernie the voters. In other words, what was 90% is not going to remain 90%; that is not a static percentage of the electorate or of the Democratic Party. That is a voice that will grow, and it’s a voice that is shouting things like:

  • $15 minimum wage;
  • Universal single-payer healthcare;
  • No fracking;
  • Get money out of politics;
  • Free tuition at public universities.

If the Democratic Party actually wants to win, they’re going to have to listen to the demands of this growing segment of voters and give them a reason to vote. Yesterday’s 16 year old in a Bernie shirt is tomorrow’s voter.

There is a line of thinking that DNC funders and operatives would rather see a Republican win than a progressive Democrat win. Considering that major corporate donors like Goldman Sachs give money to Democrats and Republicans, that makes sense. Neoliberal Democrats and all Republicans are pro-business and pro-corruption. Only progressive Democrats and Independents actually stand up for the rights of citizens against the pervasive and encroaching corruption of corporatism.

Your rallying cry that 90% will have to do — which I have demonstrated is a shortsighted, absurd claim — is either wildly ignorant, or, you really are on Goldman Sach’s team and don’t mind seeing the Democratic Party lose if it means progressives stay out of office.

It doesn’t matter if you like Bernie or hate Bernie. The fact is Democrats who are not on board with the above positions are not going to win; a great many people aren’t interested in going to the polls to choose between Republican and Republican-lite. They want to be able to vote for someone who represents their interests. Increasingly, it appears that the Democratic Party is unwilling to do this, and would rather lose elections than appease, to put it in your words, “radical” and “extremist” ideas such as representing the interests of their voters instead of their donors.

Just the facts: Writer. Gamer. Feminist. Educated in Astrophysics. Professional Gambler. Student of Language. Satanist. Anarchist.

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