It’s not really rocket science to go into Taco Bell for a “healthy option” and get the 7-layer burrito minus the cheese and sour cream. That’s actually a vegan option, not merely vegetarian.

Sodium is still the major issue, and that only gets worse if you add hot sauce to ramp up the flavor. The processed nature of the tortilla also isn’t ideal. Taco Bell may have quietly ratcheted down the sodium by 15%, but they need to keep moving the sodium content way, way down before it can qualify as legitimately healthy. When they’ve knocked it down by 75%, then we’re getting somewhere.

Regarding micronutrients and fiber, you can’t really count out lettuce, beans, guacamole, and pico de gallo. Those all have both micronutrients and fiber. A straight up bean burrito has 8 grams of fiber, for instance, and a good amount of iron and calcium.

You still better eat some spinach and an apple when you get home after work, though.

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