Tulsi happy to take a meeting with Trump Gabbard? Tulsi rampant islamophobe Gabbard? Tulsi going to be primaried from the left in 2018 Gabbard? Yeah, that’ll work out beautifully — if you’re a Republican.

It would be great if Tulsi Gabbard got primaried from the left in 2018 or 2020, but who is going to do that? The entire Democratic Party is basically a bunch of Republicans now.

All I am sure of regarding the past vs. the present is that Hillary Clinton represents the past of the Democratic Party, and it is a past they have to get over if they’re ever going to win again. You saw the data I just cited. Sanders resonated with young voters, and Gabbard was one of a small handful of Congresspeople who backed Sanders. She is also the only congressional Democrat (as far as I know) who showed up at Standing Rock in support of the Water Protectors. So-called progressive icons like Warren waited until the 11th hour to even acknowledge Standing Rock. What was that about?

It could be I give her too much credit for that, because Standing Rock has been an iconic moment in America that touches on every element of the modern American struggle. If she’s really islamaphobic, then that will surely sink her. What little I know on the matter seems suspect, because people are always trying to bring her own religion into it to suggest, “well of course she’s islamaphobic, because she’s a radical Hindu!” For example, this AlterNet smear job. It reminds me of the ADL’s smears against Keith Ellison, accusing him of anti-semitism, with the implication, “of course he’s anti-semitic, because he’s a Muslim!”

Anyway, you tell me what you see in the graph I cited. The author admonished Shaun King, saying:

Wake up, man. The World is moving on, maybe it’s time you did too.

So The World is moving on, but where is it moving, exactly? My hope is the answer to that is “away from neoliberalism,” and the Sanders platform in the primaries is the strongest push any element of the Democratic Party has made in that direction to date. That it resonated so strongly with the youth means it is the future of the Democratic Party if the Democratic Party is to have any future at all (which remains to be seen).

It stands to reason the people who publicly endorsed Sanders believe in that same platform, so they are the logical choices to whom we can look to implement it. Grijalva, Ellison, and Gabbard were the first three congresspeople to endorse Sanders, each of them taking a huge political risk to do so by standing in direct opposition to the entrenched neoliberal establishment.

Just the facts: Writer. Gamer. Feminist. Educated in Astrophysics. Professional Gambler. Student of Language. Satanist. Anarchist.

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