Whether Monsanto’s product caused non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma in these individuals will be up for the court to decide. One can hope that the court will look at the evidence without thinking that “this person was just paid by Monsanto to be here”. But if the lawyers behind this lawsuit are using notorious “fake news” web pages as their evidence, I don’t think Monsanto has much to worry about.

We should be much more worried about a new rise in eco-terrorism that the leaders of these anti-GMO groups appear to be instigating.

It is questionable how you keep calling it “Monsanto’s product” and then conflate “Monsanto’s product” with GMOs. The product in question is Roundup, not GMOs. Roundup is an herbicide, not a genetically modified crop. Herbicide is a toxin, so it should come as no surprise that it may pose health risks to organisms exposed to it, including human beings. If there is evidence of that, it should come to light, and Monsanto should be held accountable for any damage they have done.

Why did you not make one mention of Roundup by name, or of herbicide in general, in your article, and instead try to paint this as anti-scientific smearing of GMOs? That seems intellectually dishonest, and such a smokescreen only serves Monsanto’s interests, not the broader interests of biotech or the people with regard to GMO use.

What is your opinion of the studies and international agencies that indicate Roundup is dangerous to human beings?

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