Griffith also notes that petroleum refining uses roughly 6 percent of total U.S. energy, which means. “If you think about it, every car you think is getting 40 miles a gallon is actually getting 30 miles a gallon, and maybe worse.” It takes a lot of energy to get the fuel ICE cars need to move. So that’s another benefit of switching to EVs.

It has to be even worse. It’s not like fuel transports itself from the refinery to your gas tank. It is transported on ships, rail, and trucks, all of which consume fuel. Building those ships, trains, and trucks takes even more fuel. Building the tanks where the fuel sits at the filling station takes more fuel, as does transporting the tanks to the filling station.

Anyway, you could do this all day. Hidden energy costs are everywhere. People are quick to decry how much petroleum is used in the manufacture of photovoltaic panels as a ding against solar, but those same people don’t have much to say about the petroleum used to maintain petroleum production and distribution. They also don’t make mention of how the more robust the solar industry becomes, the more it can lean on itself for power and not last-generation’s oil-based global energy apparatus.

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