Before you start getting too excited about this hypothetical Faithful Electors proposal, remember that this year it would take Electors going wildly off party lines for it to become a reality. Members of the Electoral College are (in most states) chosen by their political party. Due to the winner-take-all conditions of all but two states, any red state will have all Republican-selected individuals as their Electors, and vice versa for blue states.

I spoke with a Republican who could not stand Trump and a Democrat who could not stand Clinton. In both cases, they preferred a third-party candidate, and they were both residents of the same state. However, when asked if they would both agree to vote third-party, since their votes were just going to cancel each other out anyway, they couldn’t do it. They saw the imperative of fruitlessly voting against the other team as being so high, that they would rather both go in and cast their irrelevant votes to cancel each other out than cast a meaningful vote for change.

Needless to say, this is entirely illogical, but it is how a great many people think.

To expect Electors to agree to something along these samelines in the numbers needed to accomplish this is beyond unrealistic. I am sure they are at least as partisan as the normal American voters I spoke to and would be even harder to convince to abandon their entrenched positions.

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