I see with this piece of misdirection that journalism is continuing to #EpicFail.

Why do you make no mention of mainstream media and the DNC colluding throughout the primary and the general election? Why do you make no mention of Wikileaks bringing facts to light and the American media utterly disregarding those facts and, instead, attempting to attack Wikileaks for links to Russia? Why is there no mention of media being entirely uninterested in talking honestly about Clinton instead of making her accountable for her corporatism?

You talk about this election as though the media failed to account for vast swaths of disgruntled rural white people that all came out and voted for Trump in force. But, is that what really happened? The numbers say otherwise. Trump got fewer votes than Romney. He got fewer votes than McCain, and fewer votes than Bush in 2004. He did not energize his base. For every white nationalist radical who came out of the weeds to vote, a traditional conservative stayed home.

Let’s keep it 100% real here: Clinton lost this election. In 2012, Obama got 5 million more votes than Clinton did in this election; in 2008, he got 9 million more votes! The media did not want to talk about the vast numbers of people on the left who simply were not going to come out and vote for Clinton. They were too busy attempting a coronation by producing straight up propaganda for Clinton. That is where journalism failed. The facts were looming over their heads the whole time. They did not see the very real threat of the Democratic Party attempting to run a mainstream corporatist insider against a populist in an atmosphere that wildly favored populism.

Trump and the right have nothing to do with Trump winning this election. The media’s inability to perceive Trump’s popularity among certain demographics is secondary to the media’s inability to read the temperature of the left. The media attempted to serve as a propaganda arm for the Clinton campaign and it is true they #EpicFailed to deliver her the election that all the money flowing into their coffers from her campaign was expected to buy, but the epic failure is that propaganda is not journalism. Journalism is the unravelling of propaganda. The dispelling of half-truths. The #EpicFail is that the vast majority of the mainstream media wasn’t even attempting to do journalism.

Here is a fact for journalists to ponder. The left outnumbers the right. Just look at Obama’s 2008 numbers — he had the most votes of any candidate in history. An energized left cannot be stopped by the right. The left wins or loses elections. The right does not win.

Just the facts: Writer. Gamer. Feminist. Educated in Astrophysics. Professional Gambler. Student of Language. Satanist. Anarchist.

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