I saw you made Raw Story’s list of 11 most punchable faces in 2017 for your shenanigans with Maxine Waters. They went on to call you a “progressive” with racist tendencies, so I wondered what they were talking about. Where better to look than your very own words?

Indeed, this is a racist defense of Nazis. No matter how many times you call them repugnant, you keep things squarely centered on the Nazis and white liberal principles of “free speech.” Nazism is inherently violent, and the presence of Nazis creates a hostile work environment. There is no such thing as a peaceful Nazi, because the entire ideology is one of violence and domination. The picture you paint of a non-confrontational Nazi is not in keeping with the reality of someone who goes to a rally bearing torches in order to intimidate Black people and bully a city into retaining the statue of a Confederate general.

Given all of that, how in the world do you countenance retaining Nazis in a workplace when their very presence is an act of hostility toward every Jewish and POC employee? How do you expect any functional relationship and trust to develop between Nazis and their fellow employees?

The slippery slope argument that “it can happen to the left, too” is an abandonment of reason for fear, and a surrender to Nazis to frame things exactly they want them framed. It is reasonable to exclude Nazis, because it is reasonable to create a safe and non-oppressive work environment for everyone else. It’s not so much firing people “for their political beliefs,” but what those beliefs are. Nazis literally celebrate gas chambers, slavery, and mass murder. They go to rallies to champion it. This is why they’re being fired, not for some nebulous concept like “political beliefs.”

Just the facts: Writer. Gamer. Feminist. Educated in Astrophysics. Professional Gambler. Student of Language. Satanist. Anarchist.

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