For me, sitting at the feet of women who teach and lead and witnessing men lament, confess and repent, presses me towards the Jesus of scripture and not further away from Him. If someone committed a crime with a Patriot’s jersey on and said he did it in the name of Tom Brady, we would think that’s ridiculous no matter how famous and influential he was. Similarly, we don’t blame teams when riots break out after games and whole city blocks are destroyed. Yet, we do that with Christians and other world views. Now, I may be wrong and you might be right but I don’t think Jesus signs off on misogyny. What’s the satanic view of all this? What happens when there is sexual assault in your faith community?

I guess the difference is Christians are taught to adhere to the teachings in the Bible, and the pastor is often seen as an authoritative conduit to understanding those teachings, whereas (most) Patriots fans are not of the opinion that Tom Brady is the son of God and that his teachings are to be followed. And pastors the world around draw from passages in all the books of the Bible for lessons about life. Some do a better job of contextualizing the teachings to the modern world than others, but all are working with very old text that sprang from cultures with what we now plainly understand to be outdated views.

Nowhere in the NFL handbook or in books documenting Tom Brady’s life and competence on the gridiron does it suggest that fans should riot, but the Bible is full of some pretty brutal passages about women. So it is understandable (even if erroneous in a great many cases) that people would link Christian Scripture to misogynistic acts by Christians.

I cannot speak to any coherent Satanic view, since Satanism tends to reject dogma or conformity. While there is a Satanic Bible, and it explicitly forbids sexual assault (as do other sources of Satanic beliefs), not all Satanists adhere to it or hold it in high regard. It’s just a book. That said, Satanism has had many struggles with misogyny and sexism. The Church of Satan in its olden days was known for simultaneously advocating for female empowerment while also having a lack of female representation in leadership and engaging in the frequent objectification of women in the imagery it chose to disseminate. Other Satanic groups have had similar problems, but there are some groups that are almost entirely led by women and that are explicitly feminist. So it varies. On the whole, if you take all the different Satanic groups out there, you will find there is probably a greater presence of women and nonbinary people in leadership than you generally find in major religions, but it is still far from equal.

Just the facts: Writer. Gamer. Feminist. Educated in Astrophysics. Professional Gambler. Student of Language. Satanist. Anarchist.

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