I am always on the lookout for better greens. The only question I have about this article is from this claim:

Everything was bathed in a hot pink light, making it look like a set of a generic sci-fi movie. (That’s because the plants need only the red-blue part of the color spectrum for photosynthesis.)

Is there robust data regarding what the result of omitting the rest of the spectrum is on all these various types of plants? It may be true that photosynthesis only requires certain wavelengths of light, but it may also be true that other chemical processes in plants are fueled by other ranges of the spectrum.

An example of what I mean is how human skin produces vitamin D when exposed to UV-B light. This is not photosynthesis, but it is a chemical process driven by exposure to sunlight. It’s not unreasonable to think that similar processes may happen in the plant kingdom and, by not being exposed to full-spectrum lightning, these plants may end up with different nutrient profiles than plants grown in sunlight.

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