The only card he can play is a strike, and the odds of getting the players to walk off the job are basically zero. And the owners know that. Think about it: The length of the average career fell by two and a half years from 2008 to 2014, and now stands at under three years. How do you convince the majority of players to risk a third of their projected careers in pursuit of a better deal? He’s right!

He’s not right; he’s just being defeatist.

Part of the reason the average career length is so short has to do with injuries. You know, like the concussions that are the central focus of this article. You’re not likely to get injured while you’re on strike, so potentially taking a season off to strike is not going to cost you 1/3 of your projected career. Never mind that a strike isn’t likely to take an entire season to resolve. Realistically, it would cost you a much smaller fraction of your projected career, and it would not take much in the way of contract gains to more than compensate for that.

It’s almost like that argument was designed by the owners.

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