The Second Amendment of the US Constitution isn’t there for duck hunting or guarding against home invasions, it’s there first and foremost to protect the citizenry from a tyrannical government. Telling Americans they should relinquish or restrict their access to firearms while they’re being exploited and oppressed by an Orwellian corporatist oligarchy is like telling a battered woman she shouldn’t get a restraining order on her abusive ex.

From the Vegas shooting alone, there are (as of this moment) 60 people who will not live to see whether the dystopian hypothetical tyrannical government that could have been stopped but for the lack of guns carried by citizens in some future where the Second Amendment is overturned ever comes to pass.

Of course, the ultimate irony is the NRA and the Second Amendment allow gun manufacturers and distributors to become bigger and more powerful with each firearm and bullet sold. Each of the dozens of guns and thousands of bullets the Vegas shooter bought contributed to the coffers of these companies, the very same companies that manufacture the weapons that have slaughtered countless people worldwide at the hands of the United States military and other perpetrators of state violence, and the very same coffers that bribe politicians to make sure nothing changes for the better.

You may think you are against the unelected power establishment by tolerating the Second Amendment, but it serves their interests far more than it serves the interests of the average American. Imbedded within it is the exact same brand of “free market capitalism” that is constantly pushed by said unelected power establishment, where they demand unfettered ability to exploit and corrupt. And, the Second Amendment, itself, is wholly unelected, as over half of Americans would elect to enact more gun control.

In short, the fantasy is the Second Amendment protects us from oppression, but the reality is it fuels the fires of oppression. You can’t really be against the unelected power establishment and be in favor of the Second Amendment. We will not win because of our firearms. They would not be so eager to sell us the means of their undoing. When we pay to buy guns, we do not shift the balance of power in our favor.

Just the facts: Writer. Gamer. Feminist. Educated in Astrophysics. Professional Gambler. Student of Language. Satanist. Anarchist.

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