Thanks for reading and commenting, Benjamin T. Awesome. But maybe you should’ve read the (full) article before commenting… because you’re arguing against positions I never took.

Do you care to support your claim that I argued against a position you never took? Please relate what those were, because I’m pretty sure I was posting in response to you and your words.

First of all, discrimination is discrimination. And oppression is oppression. You’ve listed different kinds of oppressive discrimination… And while modern “liberals” aren’t guilty of the same kinds of discrimination as *some* Trump supporters (i.e. racism, sexism etc.), they are proudly embracing their own forms of oppressive discrimination.

So you admit that you’ve constructed a false equivalence. You’re also not making any sense. How, exactly, are university students who are protesting Milo Yiannopoulos oppressing anyone? How is this equivalent to Trump trying to institute a Muslim ban or a Muslim registry?

I don’t know what else you can call trying to get people banned, based on their *views* alone, from… an eCommerce software, of all things.

Why single out Shopify and Tobias Lütke? Should we ban Milo from being able to buy t-shirts? Music? Shoes? Coffee? Everything? If Milo chooses to buy Kellogg’s cereals, is Kellogg’s giving “hate” sustenance? Should every brand get their ideological police department to make sure anyone affiliated with Trump and Breitbart can’t purchase goods and services, in our *free* economy? Are we forgetting that Milo Yiannopolous and Breitbart (contrarian as they may be) have done nothing *illegal*?

This is all based on not liking his *views*.

You are citing a logical fallacy to back up another logical fallacy. If I don’t want to see neo-nazi propaganda getting sold on some platform, I am perfectly within my rights to tell the owner of said platform that I think he should stop selling it. What is the problem here? Are we forgetting that people tweeting and emailing their disdain for neo-nazi propaganda have done nothing *illegal*? This is no different than walking into a bar, seeing a swastika on the wall, then Yelping out a one-star review.

Your deliberate conflating of buying and selling is also bewildering. How is buying cereal equivalent to selling neo-nazi propaganda?

So, yes, modern “liberals” are trying to outdo their chosen villain.

Every time you say that you are just as incorrect as the first time you said it. You cannot use false equivalencies and hyperbole to magically make something true. Trump is materially and objectively worse than the set of liberals who protest against neo-nazis. This isn’t even a close call.

Secondly, I never claimed people aren’t allowed to protest — I expressly stated the opposite, multiple times in the article (including as the very last line). My issue is with the effectiveness of protesting (other people’s beliefs) as an effective means of bridging an ideological rift. My issue is also with engaging in violent protests (again against ideas), while claiming to be liberal. It’s clearly hypocritical.

You are doing the same thing as the right-wing media by dragging up infrequent and isolated cases of violence as being a hallmark of these protests. That’s simply not factual and an intellectually dishonest approach to this discussion. The overwhelming majority of these protests and the overwhelming majority of the liberals attending them are peaceful. You know that and I know that, so let’s not pretend it’s otherwise. Yet, here you are, painting all liberals who want to protest against Yianopoulos or Shopify as being the same.

Do it but accept that you’re just like the people you claim to be so much better than. Maybe that will help us bridge some gaps.

You’re making yet another false equivalence, that all violence is the same. Is it? Nobody is in here advocating violence, anyway. Nobody has perpetrated violence against Shopify. People are expressing their displeasure with Shopify’s stance of willingly distributing neo-nazi propaganda and profiting off of it. You are basically engaging in a smear campaign against people freely expressing their opinions by insinuating that this is somehow a violent act.

Finally, I’m not living in the fantasy you seem to be insinuating I am. I regularly see with my own eyes the hate and violence from “liberals”. I provided multiple links, throughout the article, to verified instances of liberal intolerance and violence.

Trump already approved a raid overseas wherein an 8-year-old girl and a toddler were murdered. Do you really think liberal protestors are out there trying to match Trump’s villainly, bullet for bullet? You’re deluded if you think so.

But somehow, I don’t think any of this matters to you. You’re clearly mired in dogma. It’s fine that you disagree (I welcome that) — but please stick with facts. Don’t exaggerate my argument and fill it with untruths, until you feel capable of poking imaginary holes in it.

You are the one exaggerating and engaging in hyperbole. You’re in here painting with a broad brush and making absurd claims about the beliefs and behavior of large groups of people with zero evidence or logic to back them up. You even stoop to the point of attacking me on a personal level by calling me dogmatic. I never said anything about you; I have simply pointed out where your arguments fail. Don’t blame me for you making fallacious arguments.

Just the facts: Writer. Gamer. Feminist. Educated in Astrophysics. Professional Gambler. Student of Language. Satanist. Anarchist.

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