In today’s political climate, it is unwise to hold one’s breath waiting for an outbreak of bipartisan comity. Smarting from the Republicans refusal to confirm President Obama’s Supreme Court nominee Merrick Garland in the closing months of Obama’s term, liberals are spoiling for a fight.

Republicans justified blocking Garland’s nomination by arguing that it should be for the next President to decide who fills Scalia’s vacancy. As infuriating as this was for liberals, doing the same to Gorsuch at the start of Trump’s will prove much harder to justify.

Cooperating with Trump on any level with regard to a SCOTUS pick will be impossible for them to justify to their voters; it’s a guaranteed way to get primaried. Better to just let the seat go unfilled for four years than lie down and accept someone Trump selects. There is absolutely zero upside for any Democrat to vote for any candidate Trump selects, unless it’s an actual likable candidate, instead of a repugnant, corporatist, misogynist hack like Gorsuch and anyone else Trump is likely to nominate.

Blocking Gorsuch will prove a futile effort in any case. Republicans are almost certain to respond by employing the so-called “nuclear option,” a tactic employed by Democrats to overcome Republican objections to President Obama’s judicial nominees. By dispensing with the 60 vote threshold required to overcome a filibuster and allow a vote, Republicans could confirm Gorsuch with a simple majority. Forcing Republicans’ hand in an un-winnable fight over Gorsuch will establish a precedent that renders Democrats powerless to stop future Trump nominees.

I’m all for any tactic that makes the corrupt GOP work for every millimeter of traction it can get. Waste their time. Make them fight. Don’t give them easy victories.

A quixotic battle against Gorsuch would establish a precedent that no nominee offered by an opposition party President will be acceptable.

That’s a fine outcome. The precedent was already set by Mitch McConnell. Maybe you should have warned him against that last year?

Frankly, your entire article reads like nonsense propaganda.

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