If Democrats want to go to the mat on Gorsuch, fine with me. You’re funeral. It will not end well for Democrats.

But you’re a GOP insider and pundit, so it must not be fine with you. You’re not in the business of giving Democrats honest or helpful analysis. In the event that you can supply something resembling a logical argument — not just talking points and rhetoric — maybe I’ll reevaluate my opinion. Until then, nah.

Gorsusch is actually remarkably likable. Democrats have been coming out of the woodwork to speak in his favor. No serious people think he’s a “repugnant, corporatist, misogynist hack.” I’d imagine if a Republican president nominated Mother Theresa, you’d say the same thing.

I seriously think he is a repugnant, corporatist, misogynist hack. I wrote about this already. What makes him particularly odious to me is that he thinks it’s totally fine to allow a Christian monument on public grounds and then deny monuments from other religions. How is this remotely in keeping with the Establishment Clause or the Free Excercise Clause? Answer: it isn’t. How does this constitute being an originalist? Answer: it doesn’t. This dude is a straight up hack. America is not a Christian nation. Freedom of religion applies to all religions.

Regarding Mother Teresa, I don’t think she would make a good SCOTUS pick, either. Do you? Can you explain her qualifications for that post?

There are 23 Democrat Senate seats up for reelection next year and only 8 Republican seats. Ten of the 23 Democrats will be running in states Trump won. For those Senators, the upside of handling this nomination responsibly is considerably north of zero.

What you think of as responsible and what the Democratic base thinks of as responsible are likely two completely different things. A democrat, especially one on the progressive wing, likely thinks opposing Trump’s fascism at every step is responsible. Anything less is selling out. Clinton proved that you simply cannot get elected as a Democrat anymore without progressive support by running a centrist campaign and losing to the most disliked candidate in modern American history.

Republicans did not filibuster the two Supreme Court nominees President Obama selected when the GOP was in the minority. Both Sonya Sotomoyor and Elaina Kagan were confirmed with several Republicans voting in favor.

A 59–41 majority is not the same as a 52–48 majority, especially when you consider Trump is not as well-liked by the GOP establishment as Obama was by the Democratic establishment. Already, Senators have defected away from Trump on the DeVos vote. That you would even attempt to equate the two raises a lot of questions about your argument tactics.

Garland came at the end of Obama’s term. It’s not the first time the Senate ran out the clock on an opposition party nominee. That is a different matter.

It’s just a longer clock. Structurally, it’s the exact same thing. Mitch McConnell is a giant, unmitigated douche, and Tit-For-Tat suggests that Schumer should answer back with giant, unmitigated douchery.

If Dems filibuster, Gorsuch will be approved anyway. But forcing Republicans to invoke the nuclear option will all but guarantee that future nominees will be forced through in a similar fashion. Democrats started this escalation on Judicial nominees when the blocked Estrada during Bush’s term. They would be wise to end it.

Dems have a pretty strong demographic advantage going forward. Young people simply cannot tolerate the GOP’s homophobia, misogyny, corporatism, climate denial, and overt racism the way older Americans can. The Dems are wise to use every roadblock and stalling tactic available to them as more conservative Americans die off and more young Americans reach legal voting age.

Consider: Bernie Sanders obliterated Clinton and Trump among the 18–30 year old voting demographic. He utterly obliterated every other candidate combined in the high school demographic. We’re talking about a self-described socialist, here. This is the future of America, so the Dems’ best play is to cater to them and stall and hamstring the GOP government as much as possible until that future has reached maturity. Acquiescing to GOP interests will only undermine them in future elections; it will not help them at all.

Bipartisanism is dead. The sooner the Dems wake up to that, the better chance they have of saving their faltering party. Cooperating with Trump will get them nowhere.

Just the facts: Writer. Gamer. Feminist. Educated in Astrophysics. Professional Gambler. Student of Language. Satanist. Anarchist.

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