This is pretty much a classic Bernie Bro post.

But, I didn’t vote for Bernie or advocate that people should have voted for Bernie.

First of all it’s extremely long _ you’re lecturing! — and slings factoids around as if they added up to a cogent argment.

Would you prefer 140 characters of unsubstantiated opinion rather than facts about our corrupt politicians? OpenSecrets is a great public resource for these facts, and I have provided links that you may browse at your leisure, if you are in the market for facts upon which to base your world view. You can choose to remain ignorant to facts if you want, but you will not get me to comply with your wishes for brevity in the interest of appealing to false, simplistic narratives such as “Trump bad, Democrats good.”

Second, it attempts to discredit anyone who has criticized Bernie in any way or might be seen as a threat to his singular place on the peak of progressivism.

Cornel West has plenty of criticisms of Bernie, and I agree with pretty much all of them. West, for instance, doesn’t believe the Democratic Party can be reformed. He also considers Bernie a New Deal liberal rather than a legitimate Democratic socialist, and he’s right about that.

Given that Bernie has as many black marks when it comes to being in cahoots with unsavory interests such as the NRA or the operators of a toxic dump, it’s laughable to try to cut Kamala Harris off at the knees because of who she got donations from, especially after her fantastic progressive work in California which actually accomplished something.

This is a non-sequitur. First of all, some of Bernie’s own black base, such as Killer Mike, thinks Bernie is too restrictive when it comes to gun control, so maybe it’s not as black and white as you think. I, personally, am in the camp that the Second Amendment is obsolete (warning: this link contains facts).

Second of all, two wrongs don’t make a right. Kamala Harris is a corporate shill. Kamala Harris takes vast amounts of money from corporate interests, with Time Warner being her largest donor. Are you comfortable with politicians taking bribes from corporations? Do you really think they’ll represent your interests over Time Warner’s interests after they filled their coffers with Time Warner’s money? I think it is naive to believe that.

But of course as an up-and-coming progressive — and omigod FEMALE — she stands to steal some light from Bernie. This is a shameful way to try to defend him and make him appear more “perfect” than anyone else. Arguments like this only harden people against him.

You are sorely mistaken if you think I am defending Bernie against anyone. You perceive legitimate criticisms about Barney Frank and Kamala Harris as some sort of endorsement of Bernie Sanders, yet nowhere did I defend Bernie. Your entire position is a straw man.

Your intellectual dishonesty and fallacious thinking is utterly transparent and, in truth, that is the entire problem with establishment Democrat politics. Establishment Democrats are not servants of the people; they are servants of corporate interests who fly the banner of being for the people. They are liars who personally enrich themselves and the oligarchs they serve at the expense of their constituents, and, instead of trying to enact positive change, their strategy is, and has been, to rely on the Republicans to be even more odious and openly racist, so they can fear-monger and point to themselves as the lesser evil, all while quietly plundering our national treasure and widening wealth inequality.

Just like Jeremy Fassler, you say absolutely nothing about the issues that are facing Americans. You join in the rumor-mill, playing the he said, she said game of Democratic politics, focused on personalities and people rather than policy. I would like tuition-free public universities, single-payer healthcare, an end to the War on Drugs and our private prison industrial complex, an end to police militarization, an end to American reliance on fossil fuels, and an end to money corrupting politics from top to bottom, and I really don’t give a damn who brings that to me. I, like Cornel West, am simply not deluded enough to believe that corporatist Democrats will ever be the ones who do.

Just the facts: Writer. Gamer. Feminist. Educated in Astrophysics. Professional Gambler. Student of Language. Satanist. Anarchist.

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