Jacobin Magazine has long trucked in anti-antiracist rhetoric. They correctly point out that there are deficiencies in the antiracist industry, and reference data showing the inefficacy of the much-decried corporate antiracist training emerging from the likes of Robin DiAngelo. But they go far beyond this. Some contributors, such as notorious trust funder, Walker Bragman, see images of a white supremacist militiaman’s home and equate it to poverty, neglecting to even consider the presence of the Confederate flag, the expensive pickup truck, how costly it is to acquire and train with militia equipment in the first place, and how millions of…

transgender flag with satanic pentagram superimposed
transgender flag with satanic pentagram superimposed
satan is fair. satan is inclusive.

It’s unfortunate when Satanists adopt authoritarian politics. But is is also common. Many Satanic groups have documented histories of trucking in right-wing apologia, of tolerating or platforming neo-nazi and white nationalist perspectives and voices, and whitewashing conformity of thought and uncritical bootlicking under the pretense of rebellion and free thought.

The Hail Satan Podcast is just another node in a network of many nodes performing this same service to white supremacy. If one wishes to be pro-justice, then this necessitates being anti-white supremacist. In pursuit of such, it is not sufficient to be anti-Evangelical and anti-theocracy (even though those two…

Bitcoin has the appearance of a Libertarian tax avoidance scheme that compounds the myriad problems associated with sequestering wealth away from public ownership by also externalizing its environmental costs. Decentralized digital currency that does neither of these things is possible, but Bitcoin is not it. There is simply no way to cheer Rutger Bregman’s epic takedown of tax avoidance at Davos and simultaneously champion Bitcoin, because these things are in direct opposition.

Don’t believe me? Just ask Rutger Bregman.

rutger bregman, whose entire career is devoted to eliminating poverty by way of wealth redistribution, dunks on bitcoin, citing a current affairs article that demonstrates at length why bitcoin works is in direct opposition to wealth redistribution, and goes on to cite an article from the correspondent that skewers blockchain.

That is my problem with Bitcoin. Its entire impetus was a desire to avoid taxes and regulations. There is no way…

You were not right at the beginning and you still aren't right. The homeopathy analogy is asinine, because it neglects that "marginal" amounts of energy compound to enormous numbers at scale. It's why you cannot dismiss automobiles as "marginal" based on looking at one car's contribution to carbon output.

Image credit: Desiree Ho for the Innovative Genomics Institute

Krystal Ball and Saagar Enjeti hosted Bret Weinstein, of intellectual dark web fame, in an absolute farce of journalism and conspiracism. This disgraceful, softball session of an interview is hosted at The Hill’s YouTube channel, here:

To set the scene, so-called journalists, Ball and Enjeti, play a clip featuring an interview with Trump’s CDC director, Robert R. Redfield. They do not bother to mention how the Trump administration was documented doing everything it could to pin responsibility for COVID-19’s damage in the United States on China, that Redfield routinely parroted biased, unscientific talking points on behalf of Trump on…

Bret Weinstein was called out on social media for using “woke” as a pejorative. Which, so that we are clear, any white person who uses this word this way is, without a doubt, engaging in a racist action. Given that an action is either racist or antiracist, when a white person elects to use this term this way, it is unequivocally the former. Here is the video in which he defends his usage of the term:

His defense starts off right, that the positive usage of this term has a long and honorable history. But, everything after that is…

Before we get into the list of why cancel culture is good, let’s first accurately convey what it is. For that, we turn to the Wikipedia entry on cancel culture, specifically the opening section that describes it:


Reason One: It’s a Boycott

Cancel culture is just a boycott. Fundamentally, that’s all it is. As a canceler, I withdraw support from individuals and companies by way of not buying from those who do things like place ads in white nationalist media outlets. As a consumer, I can choose to spend or not spend money, or criticize companies or venues, for any…

“All power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. The more I’ve learned, the less I believe it. Power doesn’t always corrupt. What power always does is reveal. When a guy gets into a position where he doesn’t have to worry anymore, then you see what he wanted to do all along.”

-Robert Caro, Interviewed in Esquire, 12/16/09

Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene recently came into power, having been elected to office in the United States House of Representatives for Georgia’s 14th district in 2020, and subsequently sworn in in 2021. And what is Representative Greene doing with this power? …

The IDW trades in right-wing rhetoric. It masks this behind a veneer of academic intellectualism and liberalism, never minding that several of its members are disgraced academics or explicitly anti-intellectual, anti-academia, or full-on conspiracy theorists, but it is a right-wing movement that draws from far-right distortions of discourse in an attempt to score points against the left. It is not centrist, and its adherents cleave cleanly to Randian, reactionary politics. The very politics that many high-school Libertarians put in the rear view mirror the moment they took their first college-level political science course.

Despite their claims to be in support…


People working all night long to count votes are generally wage workers or volunteers. They are overwhelmingly working class. In most states, there are strict procedures where workers are drawn from both parties, with transparent chains of custody for ballots as they are processed. In some cases, the counts are even live-streamed, so you can watch it yourself.

Make no mistake about it; painting these workers as suspect or incompetent is class warfare. Showing up with guns and amassing outside a place where workers are trying to do their jobs is class warfare. These workers are normal people performing a…

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